Friday, April 8, 2011

Abyssinian Cat Health and Appearance

Abyssinian General Health
Abyssinian Cat is a healthy breed, and depending on their life style will live a better healthy life. Like all cats they should be kept indoors in order to prevent them from contagious and fatal diseases that are easily transmitted from the outside world. Vaccinations should always be kept up to date and routine checkups should be made on regular basis. As soon as you find any illness it is advised to promptly meet nearby veterinarian.
Misbalance diet is also a main contributor to illness, so start feeding kittens raw chicken wings and necks at a very early age. This will exercise the gums and prevent them to form tartar on the teeth.
A common disease "Renal Amyloidosis" is found in Abyssinians and can result in kidney failure. Some say that this disease is genetic. Unfortunately, this disease is also seen in many other breeds of cats.

Abyssinian Cat Appearance
The overall look of an Abyssinian cat could be somewhat similar to Siamese and Burmese. The Abyssinian is an extremely beautiful and colorful cat with an agouti ticked coat. It is this agouti ticking that makes the Abyssinian look like a wild cat. It is a medium sized cat with a strong and muscular body. The legs are slender. The ears are large and set apart. The eyes are large and outside edge point towards the base of the ears.
The Abyssinian is also people orientated and loyal. This cat likes to bow down its head as a greeting towards visitor with a special trill-meow. This breed like other breeds likes water. This is inherited from the wild cat who likes to be near water. The outstanding feature of her appearance is her shorthaired ticked coat.

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