Friday, April 8, 2011

Abyssinian Cat Health and Appearance

Abyssinian General Health
Abyssinian Cat is a healthy breed, and depending on their life style will live a better healthy life. Like all cats they should be kept indoors in order to prevent them from contagious and fatal diseases that are easily transmitted from the outside world. Vaccinations should always be kept up to date and routine checkups should be made on regular basis. As soon as you find any illness it is advised to promptly meet nearby veterinarian.
Misbalance diet is also a main contributor to illness, so start feeding kittens raw chicken wings and necks at a very early age. This will exercise the gums and prevent them to form tartar on the teeth.
A common disease "Renal Amyloidosis" is found in Abyssinians and can result in kidney failure. Some say that this disease is genetic. Unfortunately, this disease is also seen in many other breeds of cats.

Abyssinian Cat Appearance
The overall look of an Abyssinian cat could be somewhat similar to Siamese and Burmese. The Abyssinian is an extremely beautiful and colorful cat with an agouti ticked coat. It is this agouti ticking that makes the Abyssinian look like a wild cat. It is a medium sized cat with a strong and muscular body. The legs are slender. The ears are large and set apart. The eyes are large and outside edge point towards the base of the ears.
The Abyssinian is also people orientated and loyal. This cat likes to bow down its head as a greeting towards visitor with a special trill-meow. This breed like other breeds likes water. This is inherited from the wild cat who likes to be near water. The outstanding feature of her appearance is her shorthaired ticked coat.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Abyssinian Cat Personality, Temperament and Behavior

Abyssinian Cats Personality
The Abyssinian cat is an intelligent cat among all the cat breeds, very people loving, extremely active and a cat that respond on interaction. They always watch what you are doing and then try to help you in doing that work, for example they like to help you to make a phone call; help you to make coffee or while cleaning cloths, in fact they try to include in all family activities. Abyssinian is not always the choice of everyone. Some people do get irritated when the cat copies them. Such people should select any other cat breed for their house.
Abyssinians do become good family member but try to bond themselves more with Adults and older children rather than young toddlers. Abyssinians are not vocal. They have a small bell like voice to communicate. They prefer to sit on higher places such as almiraas, refrigerators etc. They get on very well with dogs and will quickly teach the dog who is the boss. Once a relationship is formed between a men and an Abyssinian cat then there is no breed more loyal than an Abyssinian. Abyssinian expects attention on homecoming for 10-15 minutes. Like people, these cats become very lonely if left alone for a long period, so it is advised to have two as company for each other.

Abyssinian Temperament
The Abyssinian is very loving and most demanding cat. They do need attention and settle well into your life. Like other cat breeds, they also become very attached to their owner. They are not noisy but very active and always like to play. Abyssinians are too tempered and usually gets harsh while introducing new pets. They are mischievous when they are young but as soon as they get older they slower down their movement. They always need a company. So if you are an outgoing personality also away from home then I would suggest not to keep an Abyssinian cat. They always need a space to play, a garden would be the perfect place for them because they love climbing, chasing insects and jump in the air.

Abyssinian Cat Behavior
The Abyssinians are very curious by nature and enjoy exploring the world. They always like to be in the middle of everything going around them. Normally it is very difficult to do work if an Abyssinian cat is around you. No matter whatever work you are doing like cleaning the house and garden or changing the bed sheet, Abyssinians are always around you to distract you.
Abyssinians are very curious by nature, so for not to get them bored always provide them with plenty of toys, scratching posts and best of all the ”love”. A bored cat will lead to destructive behavior, so make sure you make your cats life interesting.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Abyssinian Cats and Kittens For Sale

Abyssinian Cats and Kittens For Sale
Abyssinian cats are common in United States, Canada, UK and Australia and are found in almost every home. There are number of Abyssinian cat breeders found in almost every home town of United States and Canada. If you are interested in buying an Abyssinian Cat or an Abyssinian Kitten I would suggest you to find your nearest breeder or an Abyssinian Rescue center. If there is no available breeder I would suggest you to find them on Internet. Just type the word “Abyssinian cats for sale” OR “Abyssinian Kittens for sale” OR “Abyssinian Litters for sale” on and add your city or town after it.

Here is a list of some of the Cat Breeders:

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